Eye Eye.

I am Actually watching you. serious.


Cieuoj Deux's Photostream.

Some amazing photography.


Daily Visual Language

Work by Travis Stearns. These are taken from his Flickr which is titled 'Daily Visual Language'.'Daily Visual Language (DVL) is a self-initiated strategy focusing on the exploration and furthering of fundemental design practices and visual grammar.'




A late night post. I cant Get over how good this song is.
Joy Division - Shadowplay, on Granada television.

A Bomb.

Whoever thought a nuclear explosion could look pretty.


Nasa; The Hubble Telescope.

Images From Outer Space.

Drawing The Line (1989)...... more Keith Haring!

A really interesting documentary about Keith Haring, with interviews, Haring explaining, and showing the history and successes of his artwork. Definitely worth half an hour of your time to educate yourself with this genius. Sorry this documentary has been into 3, but i have placed them in order.


Torben Giehler

Giehler is a German born painter who practices in New York.

This is sand.

I found this interesting website in which you can make your
own sand painting online, then submit it to a online gallery.

Errr Andy Warhol, in a TDK Commercial

Gordon Magnin

Devo - Whip It (Dir. Gerald V. Casale)

When a problems comes along, you'd should whip it!

Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice)

Some very eye catching work, which complements his music nicely.


Klaus Nomi....'The Nomi Song'

I was shown this video of Klaus Nomi by a friend and ever since that
day i have become strangely fascinated with this nightmarish character.
I really don't know how i feel about this video, it's a bit to much and
reminds me of suicide but i cant help myself becoming addicted.

From what i gather, Klaus was a German artist that moved to
New York and became part of the scene that was happening
around Greenwich. He became quite publicised and was
associated with the likes of Keith Haring and David Bowie.
Unfortunately Klaus died of aids in the 80's and this a film
that has just been made about him.

I Heart Keith Haring.

If i could have any fixed gear, i would defiantly
want rims designed by Keith Haring.

Vienna Actionist. Otto Muehl.

These guys piss all over the shocking and disturbing
performances by artists such as Paul McCarthy. If
you have never heard of the Vienna Actionists, it is
worth checking them out. Otto Muehl has an
interesting history and line of work.

Francisco Infante-Arana & Nonna Gorunova

I discovered Francisco Infante-Arana, at a exhibition called 'cold war' at the V&A. His work immediately caught my attention, and was surprised at realising how old the works are. Francisco was born in Russia and moved to Moscow to study, he formed a collective known as the 'Movement Group'. He is seen a one of Russia premier Avant-garde artists.