I BE-AREA Dir. Ryan Trecartin

You have to watch this. You can see some clips on youtube. I saw this film projected the other night at a club night, and it caught my interest. It's so weird. Please take a look.

Trecartin's first feature-length video I-Be AREA extends the artist's singular process and style into new territory. Fast-paced and dense with drama, I-Be AREA relates the intertwined stories of an exuberant ensemble, played by Trecartin and dozens of others, as they cope with themes such as cloning, adoption, self-mediation, lifestyle options, and virtual identities. The film centers around Jaime's Area (played by Lizzie Fitch), a space which functions, in the artist's words, as a kind of “bedroom/classroom/drama department/blog space/Internet-community site where the characters malfunction in the face of everything being everything and come to act on their own creative potential.”


Sandy Paw's........ animal abuse, R.I.P Cindy the poodle.

Sandy kills two birds with one stone, she achieves dual personalities of her pet animals by sculpturing them into hideous replica's of other 'cute' beings. Sandy loves animals so much she has decided to make a living from grooming animals, and has a grooming salon for pet called 'Sandy Paw's'. As a result of Sandy's creative abilities monstrosities such a Cindy the poodle are transformed into characters such as a Teenage mutant ninja turtle. Obviously the poor dog loves being shaved and spray painted, because when Cindy the poodle wasn't receiving full grooming attention from Sandy, to the other animals at 'Sandy Paws', she took her own life.


Kunstformen der Natur

Animated studies by Ernst Haeckel, which i have found on youtube,
when looking for documentries on the Darwinist. These brilliantly
animated illustrations are done for a music video, for a multi-media
artist called Kenji Williams, this video is titled Kunstformen der Natur.