Globes, globe, glob, glo

Some very nice digital globe collages.


The Queen is Dead.....Dungeness..... and Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman was a artist, musician, but best known for his directing. As a child I used to go visit a place called Dungeness, which is on the south east coast of England. At Dungeness their is a active Nuclear Power station and a amazing nature reserve. Everytime i used to visit we used to go pass this amazing house with a spectacular, colourful seaside stone garden, and i used to ask who lives their? And i was told, a famous director. Well i did'nt relise it was the late Derek Jarman, untill i stumbled across an article recently about his house. So if your ever on the south east coast of england, go visit Derek Jarmans house, its worth a look.

I love this video...... this is what got me into Jarmans work. And It probably helps that i frickin love The Smiths to!

Here is a film with a collection of videos which Jarman has done for The Smiths.
1. The Queen is Dead
2. There is a Light that Never Goes out
3. Panic

Oh Kandinsky!

Today whilst visiting a very boring library i stumbled across a Kandinsky book. Its been a while since Ive taken another look at his work.... its just as good as i remember. Last time i saw his work, was at the Tate Modern, when their was a joint exhibition of Moholy-Nagy and Kandinsky. It was probably one of my most favourite shows i have been to. I find it refreshing looking back at the classics.


I would run up any hill for K.B

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill.

This has got to be one of my favourite songs and video's by Kate Bush.
Brilliant dance choreography, and well shot.
This video was banned from being played on MTV on its release, and a
live performance was played instead, this was because this they thought
it was to 'sexually charging' and Kate didnt try to lip sync to the
words through-out the whole video.

Augustin Lesage

Augustin Lesage, was a French painter (1876-1954). Before he painted he used to work in the mines from the age of 14, where he heard (at the at age of 35) a voice telling him that he would become a painter one day. And he did.

His work was seen as unclassifiable, and was attached to the spiritualist movement. Lesage was praised by the Surrealists and eventually integrated into the 'Collection de l'Art Brut', which is a major figure.

its worth taking at look at wider collection of Lesage's work and reading up on his life. here is a link to his wiki....(translated from French)

Augustin Lesage (click this)
Augustin Lesage - The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Augustin Lesage 1923 Augustin Lesage - Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World 1925 Augustin Lesage 1925-1954


'Body Bakery'...erm... dead people bread?

This looks pretty gruesome, but dont worry its not dead people... its just bread!
Kittiwat Unarrom is a Thai fine art student and son of a baker. Kittiwat uses the medium of bread to create shocking and gruesome, amazingly realistic looking sculptures of body parts.

Kill Pixie

Some amazing work by former street artist Kill Pixie.


Nadine Byrne

I love the interesting use of textile's with Nadine's sculpture's. Also, her drawings and videos are pretty amazing! Check her out



Out 4 Pizza


Amazing animated Gifs and computer generated imagery.


“Souvenir de Chine” by Larytta, Dir. Körner Union.

Alexander Lobanov

Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov was a Russian outsider. He was deaf and dumb, and was confined to a mental asylumn by his own family. Lobanov become solitary and became obcessed with drawing self portraits surrounded by images of guns. His later work, which could not find many of online, where self portrait photographs, with drawn scenes.
To read further, and to know a little more about his interesting life check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Lobanov.

Holy Mountain

(1973) A film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. John Lennon, Yoko Ono & George Harrision help fund this movie.

Probably one the most inspiring movie i have seen, i am amazed with how visually brilliant each scene is, even how short. If you havnt see this film, your missing out.


Wings of Desire....w/Nick Cave.

Wings of Desire is a 1987 film by the German director Wim Wenders. It's set in Berlin near the end of the cold war. I watched this a couple of weekends ago, on a hungover sunday, which wasn't the bets state to view this film in. But what i saw i was amazing, especially the performance of Nick Cave in some dingy club.

First video is the original 1987 trailer to film. The second is a performance of Nick Cave, definitely worth a watch.


Its a Blue Monday.

I watched this video for the first time in ages, the other day and found it really inspiring, because the use of hand drawn animation with a mix of well layed-out sketches of shots. This video came out in 1988, a re-release and remix by Quincy Jones. I love the hand drawn animation, by Robert Breer, with some scene sketches by William Wegman, staring his famous Weimaraner dog named Fay Ray doing balancing acts.


Eye Eye.

I am Actually watching you. serious.


Cieuoj Deux's Photostream.

Some amazing photography.


Daily Visual Language

Work by Travis Stearns. These are taken from his Flickr which is titled 'Daily Visual Language'.'Daily Visual Language (DVL) is a self-initiated strategy focusing on the exploration and furthering of fundemental design practices and visual grammar.'