The Queen is Dead.....Dungeness..... and Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman was a artist, musician, but best known for his directing. As a child I used to go visit a place called Dungeness, which is on the south east coast of England. At Dungeness their is a active Nuclear Power station and a amazing nature reserve. Everytime i used to visit we used to go pass this amazing house with a spectacular, colourful seaside stone garden, and i used to ask who lives their? And i was told, a famous director. Well i did'nt relise it was the late Derek Jarman, untill i stumbled across an article recently about his house. So if your ever on the south east coast of england, go visit Derek Jarmans house, its worth a look.

I love this video...... this is what got me into Jarmans work. And It probably helps that i frickin love The Smiths to!

Here is a film with a collection of videos which Jarman has done for The Smiths.
1. The Queen is Dead
2. There is a Light that Never Goes out
3. Panic

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