Augustin Lesage

Augustin Lesage, was a French painter (1876-1954). Before he painted he used to work in the mines from the age of 14, where he heard (at the at age of 35) a voice telling him that he would become a painter one day. And he did.

His work was seen as unclassifiable, and was attached to the spiritualist movement. Lesage was praised by the Surrealists and eventually integrated into the 'Collection de l'Art Brut', which is a major figure.

its worth taking at look at wider collection of Lesage's work and reading up on his life. here is a link to his wiki....(translated from French)

Augustin Lesage (click this)
Augustin Lesage - The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Augustin Lesage 1923 Augustin Lesage - Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World 1925 Augustin Lesage 1925-1954

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